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Lekooky Baby Sleep Sheep

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Promotes Healthy Sleeping Habits
Our soft and cuddly Lekooky Baby Sleep Sheep Plush immediately calms your restless child.  With 4 soothing nature sounds and 2 lullaby's, you will create a tranquil environment.  An audio pacifier that reduces stress and crankiness at bed or nap time.

Cleans Easily
Children make messes. Sticky hands, messy faces, strange stains. Kids have a way of getting everything dirty. Don't stress about the mess with your new Sleep Sheep.  It is as simple as applying Dry Cleaning solution and using a damp cloth. Viola it is clean again. No more dirty, messy, sheep's in bed with your bundle of joy.  You will both sleep easier knowing that the clean Sleep Sheep is nestled with your loved one.

Hypoallergenic Material
Our Sleep Sheep is meant for everyone to enjoy. Designed with hypoallergenic material, you can feel safe leaving it in their bed every night. No fear of allergies, asthma, or reactions. We have you covered!  Your child will look forward to cuddling up with their Sleep Sheep every night.