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3 in 1 Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens

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What makes fisheye lenses and macro lenses — sooooo interesting? 

One photographic technique can both captivate and disorient us.  The fisheye lens has a name you won't easily forget.  And when this unique creative tool is used well, it can produce unforgettable images that bend our perception of reality.

These finely tuned devices don't just let us capture the world around us; with practice, they can let us twist the reality in front of us.  They're powerful tools when used right, and happily, the journey to becoming an effective photographer is as enjoyable and fulfilling as it is long.

Why do Sport lovers love fisheye?

Sport lovers love the stylized fisheye look because it makes their tricks look more impressive —Props look bigger and rails look taller.  And videographers favor this wide-angle lens because it lets them capture more of the field than would normally be possible with any other lens.

They are great !!

  • High definition professional lens that reduces glass glare, distortion and ghosting.
  • It contains a wide angle lens, a macro lens and a fisheye lens that come together.
  • The wide angle lens can greatly expand the field of view, let you capture a much large landscape, you don't have to limit yourself to a small field of view.
  • The macro lens lets you capture every detail with precision focus to see sharp images every time.
  • Easy to install. The clip makes it easy to remove and attach to the device, and it won't damage your phone or tablet.

- 3-in-1 Four precision crafted lenses, meets different needs.
- Made of Aluminum alloy and optical glasses material, which is strong and durable.
- Large compatibility. Suitable for most mobile phones.

Wide Angle
Magnification: 0.67X Wide Lens
Construction: 2 groups (macro+0.67x wide angle)
Dimensions(main body): approx. 20 x 11.2mm/0.79 x 0.44" (Diameter x Length)

The shot distance is between 10-23mm/0.39-0.91"
Dimensions(main body): approx. 15.8 x 6.5mm/0.62 x 0.26" (Diameter x Length)

Phone Camera Type: Wide-Angle Len
Model Number: 3-in-1 Wide Angle Macro Fisheye Lens Camera Kits Mobile
Compatible Brand: Apple iPhones,Toshiba, Blackberry, HTC, LG ,Motorola ,Nokia
Compatible Brand: Blackberry, Palm ,Panasonic,Samsung, Sony-Ericsson
Funture1: Lenses for iphone xs max xr x 5 6 6s 7 8 plus 4 10 mobile phone lens
Funture2: For google nexus 6p 5x lg g g2 g3 g4 g5 for moto
Function7: lenses for iPhone 5s 5 6 6s 7 8 plus xs max xr x 10 phone lens kit
Function8: fish eye lens for samsung a90 a80 a70 a60 a50 a40 a20 a30 a10 lents

1 X Fisheye Lens
1 X Wide Angle Lens
1 X Macro Lens
1 X Clip
1 X Storage Bag

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