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6/8pcs Magic Hair Donuts Curler

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Say Hello To Instant Soft And Beautiful Curly Hair! 

Hair care is important for not only our appearance, but also for our overall hygiene.  Having healthy hair allows us to look our best and ensure our hair and scalp is healthy.  It is important to utilize quality hair care products to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible.  And if you can save time and money doing it....that is a bonus!

6/8pcs Magic Hair Donuts Curler

No more heat and chemical damage when curling your hair with this incredible and colorful Magic Hair Donuts Curler! Each of these curlers has the ability to hold tons of hair, making it quick and super easy to have those summer beach waves in no time at all! 

 Made from soft plastic materials, these magic hair curlers are flexible and can be bent to any direction. They’re easy to use and lightweight so you can have heat and chemical free beautifully soft curly hair that’s perfect for all occasions!

⭐ These Quick curl hair rollers let you create beautiful soft beach waves without heat and chemicals in minutes.  With this DIY hair styling you save your money and time from going to the salon to have a pro curly hairstyle. 

⭐ They are asy to use - Make sure hair is slightly dry after washing.  Roll up sections one by one and leave it on to achieve perfect curly hair. 

⭐ Durable and flexible these rollers are made of soft plastic material, it can bend at any direction.  They will not cause damage to your hair, and being lightweight and  compact in design, it makes it easy to carry and store.


1. After spraying the hair wet, take an appropriate amount of hair and comb it neatly, and wrap the hair tip tightly in the middle of the curling iron.
2. Starting from the end of the hair, roll it inward to the desired height, and be sure to curl it tightly. After the roll is finished, insert the round head into the concave head and jam.
3. Wait for enough time before removing it. Please test several times according to your own hair quality for the specific time required. The longer the time, the more obvious the curl and the better the durability.
4. Appropriate use of hair dryer heating can save time and enhance the effect.
5. It is recommended to use it before going to bed, and you can go to bed directly after rolling it up. Remove the hair curler the next day, in order to avoid affecting your sleep, sleep time,
5. Do not curl your hair curls too high, leave some leeway so that the curls can be scattered and avoid the back of your head.

Use anytime to get gorgeous wavy hair.

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 Perfect for all hair lengths and types. 

Colors: Yellow, Pink, Green 



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