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Automatic Fishing Stainless Steel Rod Holder

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Fishing : The thrill and the challenge 

Most people love fishing because of the thrill and the challenge involved.   It really is a thrill sitting in a boat or by the lake with the anticipation of a fish snagging your lure.  Also, fishing is a pretty good excuse not to do much, which is really what recreation time should be about.

Man enjoying fishing near a lake – Jacob Lund Photography Store- premium  stock photo

 "All men are equal before fish."

 If you consider fishing a sport - and some do - then it's a very democratic kind of activity.  You don't need to be a tall or strong or agile.  You just need to be patient, or drunk . . . on the beauty of nature.

One man explained fishing as extended periods of boredom punctuated with brief bouts of excitement - like  dating.  You put your bait out there; you see what bites; you catch and release, and trust there are OTHER fish in the sea.

And it's easier with the help of a friend.......Our Automatic Stainless Steel Fishing Rod Holder

Super Automatic DesignThis single spring fishing rod holder fixes your hook automatically.  The line trigger is activated only when the fish hits the hook, without misfires.  Super sensitive and 4 levels of adjustable sensitivity, low and high adjustable spring tension, help you catch small or large fish easily.

Easy to Use - The 9.8 '' long tapered drill rod construction goes easily in mud, sand, rock crevices and stays sturdy and strong, does not twist.  Put your rods on the ground and wait for you to bite, fish with ease and relax.  It can withstand the maximum tension of up to 110.2 lbs

Rust resistant and portable- The automatic fishing rod holder is made of 304 stainless steel and rubber construction, rust-proof, strong and abrasion resistant. Foldable, small packaging, ideal for storing and transporting. Ideal for fishing on the bank, lakes, ponds, rivers and streams.

Universal Fit- 4.7 '' adjustable rubber strap, which fits most fishing rods. The rubberized mount will not damage your fishing rod. Prevent your fishing rod from slipping and protect your rod to avoid scratches. 

Fishing is kind of a metaphor for a good life:

You try your best, hope for the best, have days when you catch something and days when you don't, but always, always be thankful for the sound of the water and the sun in the sky and the chance to cast another reel.

 So......whatever you're after , have fun . . . and tight lines!


Specifications :
Material: Stainless Steel
Storage length(silver red): 32cm
Expand length(silver red): 56cm
Ground insertion length(silver red): 27.5cm
Width(silver red): 2.5cm
Thickness(silver red): 2.3cm
net weight: 368g/484g

1pcs fishing rod holder ,English and French instruction manual.

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