Beach pool tent
Beach pool tent
Beach pool tent
Beach pool tent
Beach pool tent
Beach pool tent
Beach pool tent

Beach pool tent

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Let baby have more fun indoors or outdoors

Young children are often attracted to small areas where they can 'enclose' their play and gain a sense of control over their physical space, as opposed to being in a large, open room. The spaces can give a feeling of privacy and security and allow them to withdraw by themselves or with friends away from the gaze of their peers and adults. Children's levels of concentration and involvement in their play are also heightened in enclosed spaces or play areas.


There is a sun compartment great for for the beach to better protect your baby from the sun's rays.  If you don't need it, remove the sunshade.

Indoor  amusement park

Your baby will love spending time in his own private space with all his toys around him.

Swimming Pool

It is made of waterproof material and can be used as a swimming pool for children. Inject water into the pool. Cool your baby on a hot day. Create a playground for your child.

Our pop-up baby tents are easy to install and fold. With a compact tote, you can take it with you indoors/outdoors/camping/garden/travel. Carrying case size: 19 inches x 16 inches (49 cm x 40 cm)


List:1*baby tent with pool
1*tote bag

Material: 190T polyester silver coated
Product size: 102*96*78CM
Construction situation: free to build speed
Tent structure: single-layer account
Sun protection level: UV 50