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19 inches Reborn Toddler Doll

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Get Ready to Love Your Unique, Reborn Doll


An adorable family member

You don’t have to be a doll collector to enjoy a reborn baby doll, or appreciate the immense joy that comes from holding one of these likelike babies in your arms. Reborn dolls have always had a loyal following of collectors who like the dolls for themselves – and the beauitful, lifelike craftsmanship.  They also become part of  many families. 


Although ponytails are common for little girls, you will rarely see them on dolls. This is mostly due to the fact they are hard to make.  Luckily for you, the artist who made this doll went an extra mile in order to create this little rascal.

Indeed, this is one of the rare dolls with a ponytail.  However, there is much more to it than a simple hairstyle. This baby girl is a real treat and there is no reason why you shouldn’t adopt it today!  Do something nice for your daughter or for yourself and add her to your collection!

Don't be surprised people want to hug her

The doll is made of a very soft silicone vinyl head and 3/4 limbs with stuffed PP cotton. This is probably the best material for limbs and head as it allows the artist to easily paint all the small details. Doll is lifelike, it resembles a child.  Don’t be surprised if people stop you on the street, wanting to hug your child.

NOTE :One baby doll can take months to create, as the artist works tirelessly to ensure close attention is paid to every detail during the reborning.  We suggest that you teach your young one to take care of this special dolL.


So if you’re looking to bring a reborn into your life and not spend a fortune, this reborn doll under $100.00 may be exactly what works for you. This beautiful doll arrives safely bubble wraped.  It comes complete with clothes including a hoodie , pants , shirt, hat, pampers + a magnet pacifier + a feeding bottle + a birth certificate+giraffe toy.

Product specification

Nails: completely hand-drawn nails, with redness of the nail bed and translucent nails
Dimensions: ~19 inches/ 48 cm
Weight: ~3.3 lb/ 1.5 kg
Hair: Glued on wig hair
Body: Cloth with PP Cotton
Eyes: High-grade acrylic eyes, can not blink
dress:Hand made Quality clothes



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