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Lumbar Back Support Cushion

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Is your back pain getting to you from sitting at your desk too long?

You need this!


The Lumbar Back Support Cushion

By giving your back a little extra support, you could help improve your posture and enjoy more comfort while sitting.  This is the simple way to help align your spine as well as allow cooling air to circulate.  Simply slip sit right over the back of your chair and you'll instantly feel the difference.  The spring cushion effect gives valuable support and added comfort, while the mesh grill acts as a vent to keep you cool.
Raised spheres provide an extra special massage feature.  Perfect for long hours of sitting, while traveling, working, watching television, sewing, scrapbooking, reading and more.  The difference in your back comfort is incredible!

Key Benefits and Features:

- Stylish, Lightweight and easy to use. 
- Fits almost any seat. 
- Quick and easy to install. 
- Can be used at home, in the office or the car.
- Made of unique mesh fabric that allows airflow for personal comfort. 
- Attached by elastic bands with enable perfect adjustments.
- Helps align your spine and improve your posture. 
- Mesh grill lets air circulate to keep you cool. 
- Raised nodes provide a massage feature. 
- Gives lower back support, aligned, neutral spine and relaxed shoulders 

 You'll want several, for the office, home, car and RV.

2. Color: Black
3. Material: Mesh Fabric Filling: Polyester
4. Size: Approx.40 x 40cm

1 x Seat Massage Back Cushion Pad

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