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Children Complete Set Full Flash Adjustable Roller Skates

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Type B Pink S
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Type B Blue S
Type B Pink M
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Roller skating has been around for decades, and people across the world are still very much in love with this activity … and for good reasons!  Besides everything else, it’s a perfect date night activity.

WOW! ...A Complete Set for kids S/M

 Full Flash Adjustable Roller Skates

These roller skates are made with PVC , Elastic band and  Cotton Fabric for the lining.  Additionally , they are waterproof  so kids can have hours of fun no matter the weather .

1/ Triple Protection - Laces, buckes, velcro

2/ Adjustable size according to the child 

3/ Aluminum Alloy Support Bracket -smooth and silent

4/ Breathable fabric

5/ They FLASH  !!

Smooth and silent Wheels


Five Reasons We Love Roller Skating

It’s Great Exercise.   Most of us don’t get as much physical activity as we should for optimal health.   Roller skating is a perfect way to change that, because it provides a complete aerobic workout.

It’s Affordable and it's great for everyone.   Kids, adults, and everyone in between can enjoy roller skating   f, and the opportunity to hang out with friends, you’re going to have a great time.              

It boosts your mood .Exercise and spending time with friends will boost your mood, which is so important in the dark, cold months of winter. Sometimes self-care means getting out and having a GREAT TIME.

It’s Fun! Between the music, the nostalgia, the chance to express yourself, and the opportunity to hang out with friends, you’re going to have a great time.




 High Quality Roller Skates  1 Storage Bag
1 Pair Of Decorative Wings
1 Pair Of Roller shoes
1 Pair Of Kneepad
1 Pair Of Elbow-pad
1 Pair Of Hand guard
1 Helmet   

S (31-34) For foot length(20.0-22.5cm)
M (35-38) For foot length(23-25cm)

 Safety First:
Make sure you always wear a helmet and protective gears when rollerblading!
Younger children should ride under adult supervision!
Braking skills
First adjust the posture to parallel glide, then support the knees with both hands, squat on both knees, load with the left foot, and then control the braking force by stepping on the right foot brake
(Note: For safety, the standard is the right foot single brake)

Category: Inline Skate
Material: PE shoe shell,Soft boots,Aluminum Alloy Bracket
Available Color: Pink, Blue



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