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Children Electric Toothbrush

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How to make every kids daily oral routine quicker, easier and more fun!

We all know how difficult it can be getting your kids to clean their teeth everyday!  TEACH THEM WHY IT'S IMPORTANT.

Children Electric Toothbrush

Dental problems cause many children to experience dental caries and their complications, both in childhood and in later life. It is estimated that about 42% of children aged 2 to 11 years develop dental caries, and that an equal percentage of 6 to 19-year-olds develop caries in their permanent teeth.


1.U-shaped design can completely contact the gums and teeth with ergonomic perfect fit, fast to complete a 360 degree full brush movement with high efficiency.
2.Food grade silicone material, non-toxic and odorless, delivers soft and flexible touching comfort, anti-bacterial for enhanced using safety,
3.Three adjustable modes and high density massaging bristles can strongly guarantee comfortable gum massage and effective teeth cleaning
4.IPX7 waterproof seal design for cleaning breeze and maintain convenience
5.Auto timing function, it will automatically power off after 120s working for one mode with a pause every 30s to remind you to clean another parts of your teeth, no more worries about too long or insufficient using time,
6.Cute cartoon pig shaped appearance will increase children's interest in brushing their teeth and help children develop the habit of brushing their teeth every day, suitable for 2-7 years old kids.
7.Built-in rechargeable battery allows for wireless operation and continuous enjoyment, ideal for both home and travel use with accessible dental care anytime 

Over all Health

Dental health affects the child’s overall health.  Children with poor dental health have poorer school performance globally. In one study, these children had a 52% higher risk of having problems at school, a 42% higher risk of missing school, and were 24% less likely to complete all homework.

30 seconds of Benefits:

 Eliminates bacteria in 30 seconds!

 360° degree ultrasound effect 

 Safe & fun to use continuously

 In-depth cleaning using BASS brushing technique 

 Reach all surface areas more effectively 

 High quality motor for a longer lasting oral care companion      

Approved and recommended by dentists globally!

Efficiency: The 360° auto clean features three modes: regular brushing with sound, powerful brushing with sound & powerful brushing without sound.                               Kid Safe: The brush is FDA-approved, made out of extra-soft premium silicone for maximal comfort during brushing whilst ensuring no abrasion to the teeth.

User Instructions

1. Install the brush head on the main body firmly.
2. Inject foam toothpaste or ordinary toothpaste into the brush head.
(Note: Ordinary toothpaste needs to be wetted, then put into the mouth.)
3.Bite the upper and lower teeth gently closed to the brush head.
4.Long press the power button to turn on the device and short press to choose the suitable mode as desire.
5.When brushing the teeth, highly suggest to shake from side to side for auxiliary cleaning.
6.Long press the power button to turn off the device, then remove the brush head to clean under running water for enhanced hygiene.  After brushing just soak, clean to disinfect and wipe dry. *Make sure brush is dry before placing it on charge again.

Package Includes:

1* Main Unit
1* U-shaped Brush Head
1* DC Charging Cable

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