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Children LED Projection Drawing Board

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 Transport your child to a world full of imagination

Painting, is an indispensable part of a child's nature, and it is so important that it can not only improve a child's observation and practical skills, but it can also enhance their temperament.

Cultivate your child's drawing skills

Art is about expressing yourself freely and artistically... and this Paint Projector is the best tool for it!  This cute electronic projector can not only make game time more interesting, but also allow your children to learn to draw in their favorite way!

Children LED Projection Drawing Board

Make your kids learn and study art the fun way!  This Projection Drawing Board is designed to make learning art entertaining and exciting.  Let them show their creativity and imagination, help them learn how to draw, and encourage them to improve their art skills through this innovative and educational art toy!

1.This Drawing Board enables your kids to express themselves artistically
2.An easy toy for your kids to learn how to draw a complete image! Just turn down the lights, switch on the projector, insert a preprinted slide and trace away
3. Cute and Modern design with light projector innovative technology 
4.This electronic projector will project 24 different images that your kids can paint along with the picture. Flexible rotation by 90°; Free to adjust the angle; The focal length is adjustable, turn to make the image clearer;! 

5.With  MUSIC To attract kids attraction to stay longer to write and draw

The painting projector is a fun and relaxing way of painting!   Turn off the lights, turn on the projector, insert the pre-printed slides, and put down the footprints.   Then color the picture.  Children are naturally fond of graffiti, and this small projector can enable them to develop their own creativity.   Let your children show their own artistic style.
With this Electronic Projector you can project an image that your child can draw along the picture.  This art tool projects cute images such as animals and cartoons that will serve as their guide into painting.  It makes game time interesting, which will help and encourage children to learn to draw and paint.  

 Make your child fall in love with painting with this attractive and durable intelligent toy!

 With this tool, your child can expect great and amazing results, making them feel happy and want to draw more . This toy is small and compact.

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Battery: 3 x AA battery (not included)


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