Connect Four Board Game
Connect Four Board Game
Connect Four Board Game
Connect Four Board Game
Connect Four Board Game

Connect Four Board Game

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If you really want to have family time fun , this game is for you!  So many days you are too busy to play with your child.  With this board game you will have such a good time you will make it part of your daily routine!


The connect 4-shot toy needs at least two players to enjoy the game, which generates the chance for improving relationships between parents and children.   It is light and easy to store.   It can be played by multiple players up to 4 people (2 groups).  It is perfect for parties.  This game is made of safe high quality ABS material, eco-friendly, and reliable .


This new board game is full of excitement, bouncing the ball forward to the basket with the coordination of eyes and hands, and your mission is to link up 4 balls in a column,a row or with a sloop.  


1. It can develop intelligence of kids.
2. A great travel game, easy to carry, you can play anytime
3. Including 21 red chess pieces, 21 yellow chess pieces.
4. Great for Children improve hand& eye coordination and train thinking ability.
5. Made of plastic, nontoxic, environmental-friendly.
6. Recommended to Children 5 years old.

Easy to install !
The connect 4-shot toy is easy to install, no need of a complex process or tools 


1.Material: Safe Plastic
2.Color: Blue
3.Weight: 251g
4.Product Dimension: 8.46 x 7.48 x 9.25in

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1 Set Connect 4 Game