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Hatchimals Twin Hatching Egg Surprise

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 Hatchimals need your child's love and can’t hatch without them! 

Imagine a toy that your child has to magically bring to life. A magical creature that lives inside an egg. With your child's help and lots of love and care, it will peck its way right out of an egg and into your hearts! Well, there are toys that will give your kids this amazing experience. And this one is a very special one!


For the first time ever, each egg has 2 Hatchimals inside! Experience their magical hatching, then raise and care for your twins! These Hatchimals share a special bond – telling each other jokes, playing games, saying “I love you” & more!

Hatchimals are magical creatures inside colorful speckled eggs with hidden surprises tucked away. With your love and care, you can hatch Hatchimals who sing, dance and play games! Every playset has special surprises!

Inside the Egg Stage 

Inside the Egg is the first life stage of the Hatchimal, and it is up to you to nurture the egg to get your Hatchimal to hatch. It can take anywhere from 10-40 minutes to hatch. The more youh old and rub and hug and play with your Hatchimal now, the sooner it will hatch. During this stage, you can rub it, talk to it, and even tap on the shell and the Hatchimal will tap back!  You will hear adorable sounds and may even see a set of eyes inside! Love and care for your egg to help your twins hatch!


SURPRISE!...Which ones will you get?

These Hatchimals share a special bond - telling each other jokes, playing games, saying "I love you" and more! They even feel sad when they're apart for too long! Watch as one moves and dances, while the other repeats everything you say! These adorable twins have their own unique personalities & talents! As soon as they come out of their egg, you’ll notice that one twin has a moving head & wings, perfect for dancing to fun tunes, while the other twin loves to sing!


Once your twins reach the toddler stage, Twin B can record & repeat what you say! Lift Twin B up to hear your message in a higher voice—the higher you lift, the higher the voice! Drop them down & they’ll use a deep, deep voice

Your Hatchimals Surprise has arrived! 

Inside each magical speckled egg are Hatchimals twins! Who will you hatch?


This Hatchimals Surprise are made for kids aged 5+. 2 AA batteries and 3 LR44 button cells batteries required (included).

Includes: 2 Hatchimals, Instruction Booklet, Reference Guide


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