Magnetic Navel Slimming  Patch
Magnetic Navel Slimming  Patch
Magnetic Navel Slimming  Patch
Magnetic Navel Slimming  Patch
Magnetic Navel Slimming  Patch
Magnetic Navel Slimming  Patch
Magnetic Navel Slimming  Patch

Magnetic Navel Slimming Patch

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These patches have proven to be a highly effective way to lose weight.  They actively block the uptake of further fats, increases blood circulation and removes the toxins that have built-up in the body, thus promoting good  metabolism and blood circulation.

Magnet in the middle



1. The magnet in the center of the patch produces magnetic waves (wave length about 4–14 m) enough to pass through the skin at about 8–12cm in depth.
2. It works in the same principle of Acupuncture Treatment. 
3. When acting on the skin, it will help release the nutrients and negative oxygen ion accumulated in the body.
4. The product is highly effective in blocking the absorption of oil, sugar and starch and helps balance the appetite.
5.It works with the body's own endocrine system. It also helps by eliminating toxins in the body.
6. Based on the effect of natural skin penetrating, the natural herbs are quickly absorbed though the skin into the human circulation system thought the navel area.
7. Slimming effect using patch is higher than taking pills because it bypasses the digestive system, the liver and the kidney..
8.   It is more effective patching on the navel,the navel is the thinnest belly wall on the human body. There are no fat tissues under the skin of the navel, which is why it is sensitive to external simulations.
9.  Absorbing these natural herbs through the navel skin is thus the fastest way to bring its effect into the circulation system of the human body.

Method of Application

1. Clean your skin area around the navel with a warm towel.
2. Open the package and remove the paper covering the Magnetic Navel Slimming Patch.
3. Apply the patch directly onto your navel.
4. Wear the patch for 24 hours.
5. Best apply before bedtime.
6. Remove the patch after use.
7. Use warm water to clean the area after removing the patch. This is important to ensure minimum skin discomfort.
8. Continue using the patch for 30 days.
9. For obese individuals, please keep using for a minimum 3 cycles (90 days) for the best results.


1box = 10pcs  or  30pcs Slim Patch with original box
30pcs/box is a treatment