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New WI FI English Menu Universal Gym Game Dance Pad

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Get your kids to work out in the most entertaining way.

There is great harm in obesity for children.  The vital capacity of obese children is significantly lower than that of normal children.   Obese children often have glucose metabolism disorders, and the higher the overweight rate, the more likely to develop diabetes.
Exercise can improve the body's metabolism, promote bone growth, strengthen muscles, and increase lung capacity.   Young people who do physical exercise can lose weight and keep their bodies healthy.

New WI FI English Menu Universal Gym Game Dance Pad

This game and dance pad is the best way to stay in shape!  With single - or two-player modes, you can exercise and dance with your child, and make your child move!   Keep them away from those online games and let children grow up stronger.


Wide compatibility, suitable for notebook computers, desktop computers.

Designed for 2 persons.  Customize your own dance moves

Exceptional Features:

  • 1.Environmental friendly non-slip wearable dance mat.

  • 2.Works with both PC and TV. Note: Due to the configuration of game files in the blanket, the general TV cannot run the program, so it is recommended that you use the computer as the host and the TV as the monitor.  It contains storage.

  • 3.Customized High elasticity dance mat giving you a comfortable and great dancing experience.  With great sensitivity, giving better performance and more accurate game play.

  • 4.Product can play  30 sense games on TV, and for PC, it contains dance game and 150 other games.
    (Computer program for dance game and 150 games(Chinese menu) will be sent to your email)Free CD, Over 200 songs to choose from

  • 5.You can do yoga in PC.Free CD, Over 200 songs to choose from 
  • 6.Designed for 2 persons.  Customize your own dance moves

  • 7.SIZE:165 x92 cm.

  • 8. Supports English menu in PC & TV.

  • 9.The light will turn on the mat when you use it.  It will flash to guide you where to press

if you or your child want to loose or keep your weight, this is a good way to do so!


  Plug Type: US Plug

Package Includes:

  • 1x dance mat

  • 2x remote controller

  • 1x wireless receiver

  • 1x line

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