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Newborn Special Sleeping Cushion

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 Why Is Supporting A Newborn's Head Important? 

Supporting your baby’s head is paramount until the baby’s muscles have developed enough strength the baby will be startled and fearful of being dropped this is called the Moro Reflex.  This is why it can be so tricky to move a sleeping baby without waking them.  They seem to be designed to wake when put down!

Keeping your baby relaxed and undisturbed becomes a very important and integral feature of parenting your child.  A settled baby usually means that parenting is easier, less tiring and so much more enjoyable for you all.

Prevent Flat Head

Pediatrics recommend that newborn babies sleep in a 3d curved pillow to help shape a good head shape and improve the flat head.  These baby pillows are fully scientifically designed and are perfect for your baby's sleep.

 Not supporting the head can result in injuries.  A newborn baby has weak head and neck muscles and very little strength to move their head.  If the head isn't supported it will flop backward or forward and startle the baby, making it feel very insecure.  This pillow will give you peace of mind.

These 100% Cotton Baby Nursing & Sleep Support Pillows are an atractive solution to a very important problem.  .  They look great in the playpen and are easy to take with you everywhere.


Get your precious baby one of these comfortable pillows and make your baby's breastfeeding and sleeping time great!

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