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Car Travel Headrest and Neck Support

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It is easy to think of car travel headrests as mere decorations, but they are more important to your well being than you would think.

Statistics show that at least two-thirds of drivers suffer from cervical spondylosis, which is the wear and tear of the spinal discs in the neck. This is because drivers typically maintain the same posture while driving, and some may drive for hours.

When the neck stays in the same position for too long, the neck vertebrae are caused to strain and may not provide sufficient support to the neck. If this happens for too long, the neck will gradually become uncomfortable.

The same is true for passengers who travel for a long distance as they may find themselves maintaining a position that is no good for their necks.

The case is worse for people who fall asleep in a moving vehicle as their heads bob up and down or sideways according to the movement of the car.

Children suffer the most as they are most likely to fall asleep in a moving car even when the journey is relatively short. Besides, children may be unable to maintain an upright posture even when awake.

Benefits of the car travel headrest and neck support

  • Support while driving

This product is excellent as it offers extra comfort while driving and helps avoid exerting too much pressure on the cervical vertebrae of the neck.

  • Protection in case of a car accident

It is easy for drivers as well as passengers to hurt their necks during a car accident regardless of the speed.

Neck sprains are very common in car accidents because most people do not take care of their necks while driving or travelling.

Statistics reveal that drivers injure their necks or heads in at least 26% of rear-end collisions. Statistics further show that the pain resulting from accident-related neck injuries can be reduced by up to 40% if travel headrests and neck supports are appropriately used. Besides, quality car travel headrests and neck supports can reduce accident-related neck injuries by around 24%.

Consider this;

The impact resulting from a collision during an accident is enough to squeeze the human body. When this impact is exerted on the neck, the spine can be injured as both are very fragile. Injury to the spine may result in severe neurological issues for the victim, such as paralysis and sometimes death.

The car travel headrest and neck support provide a buffer against the impact generated in a typical accident, thereby protecting the neck from injury.

  • Comfort for your kids

Adults may notice that their neck is in a lousy position and wake up, but most kids do not. As soon as they fall asleep in a moving car, they will slump over into an uncomfortable position and stay there.

A car travel headrest and neck support ensure that your kids stay in a comfortable position whether they are asleep or not, so that they do not finish the journey with neck pains and aches.

  • Convenience

It must be very annoying to have to pull over every few minutes so that you can help your kids into a more comfortable sleeping position. Furthermore, the more you pull over, the longer your journey gets. Still, as a parent or grandparent, it may be difficult to ignore your child or grandchild’s discomfort.

A suitable travel headrest takes this burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on driving to your destination without worrying that your little passengers may sprain their necks.

How the car travel headrest and neck support works

Once attached to the existing headrest of the vehicle, the Travel Headrest keeps the head and body of the person upright so that he/she is comfortable in their seat.

What makes Travel Headrest different?

It is made using innovative but straightforward technology to avoid floppy heads and the resultant neck pains when one sleeps in a moving car.

Besides, it is the universal meaning that it works on all types of vehicle.

It is also conveniently easy to mount and release.

Finally, the travel Headrest offers maximum safety, support, and stability, which are precisely what you need in a product of its kind.

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