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Skin Brushing - The Unlikely Detox You Simply Must Try

Posted by Helen Keene on

Your skin needs just as much attention as the rest of your body. If anything, your skin is exposed to harmful particles throughout the day. People spend hundreds of dollars on weight loss detox juices and pills, but forget to share some of this love with their skin, and it shows!

It costs absolutely nothing to cleanse your body and start the journey towards internal and external wellness. If you do it the right way, you might even get rid of cellulite while at it!

Are you interested in transforming your skin for the better? Well, there is a routine you need to develop NOW! This simple, inexpensive routine is the answer to all your skin related problems.

Have you ever heard of dry brushing?

This simple trick requires you to brush your dry skin using a Natural Bristle Brush for only five minutes, but the results will blow your mind. When you start, you can do it once a day, but over time, your skin will become so soft that you will only need to dry brush weekly.  

Skin sensitivity

Before dry brushing, you will need to test a little area of your skin first so that you determine how sensitive your skin is. Some skin types are more sensitive than others and may get irritated if dry brushed too vigorously. It is, therefore, a good practice to be cautious and gentle when dry brushing. This is not a cause for alarm though, because the worst that can happen is a small patch of red skin which will eventually manifest.

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing means you use a dry brush to brush the skin. Dry brushing is typically done systematically towards the heart. That is, you should start from your hands and feet and brush slowly towards your chest. Dry brushing is best done right before taking a shower.

So how does dry brushing work?

The idea dry brushing is to detox the body from the outside towards the inside. It requires you to ‘show love’ to your skin. It requires you to swipe a dry brush over your skin to stimulate your lymphatic system and exfoliate your skin.

This stimulation is necessary because the lymphatic system lacks a pump like that of the heart and instead relies on muscular movements to exfoliate. By stimulating your skin to exfoliate, you boost your skin’s circulation and improve the elimination of wastes through your skin.

Benefits of dry brushing

  • Exfoliation

Dry brushing boosts the circulation under the skin and makes the skin appear more youthful.

  • Energy boost

Dry brushing has stress-relieving effects which leave a person feeling energized and refreshed, especially when done right before a shower.

  • Detoxification

It clears the clogs in the pores and rejuvenates the skin for a softer feel.

  • Cellulite removal

The massaging motion used in dry brushing helps to soften the hard-fat deposits found under the skin, thereby eliminating cellulite.

  • Relieves stress

Dry brushing is like massaging the body and leaves the body relaxed and the mind calm. Think of it as an inexpensive massage.

  • Circulation

It improves the circulation of blood on the surface of the skin, making skin softer and more youthful.

  • Lymphatic stimulation

Dry brushing boosts the lymphatic system to eliminate wastes from the body tissues.

Premium 100% Natural Bristle Dry or Wet Body Brush

The Premium 100% Natural Bristle Dry or Wet Body Brush features 100% natural boar bristles to ensure the safety of your skin without harming the environment. The boar bristles, together with the canvas strip and stimulating wood nodes, guarantee a fantastic experience that you will not get from any other brush.

The bristles are perfect for dry brushing because they are firm yet gentle on the skin to avoid any irritation or scratching.

If you experience when using the Natural Bristle Dry or Wet Body Brush, do not let it bother you. This is very normal and will occur from time to time.

Stimulating Bath Experience

Even though it is excellent for dry brushing, the Natural Bristle Body Brush was also designed to deliver a fantastic shower experience. The massage nodes in the brush are extra comfortable so that you can treat yourself to your Spa in the comfort of your bathroom. It is round and palm-sized to fit perfectly in your hand. The canvas strip delivers a firm grip even when wet, so that the brush does not keep slipping out of your hands. What is even more satisfying is that this brush will help you get rid of cellulite!

Quick Tips 

  • Dry brush when naked and right before you hop into the shower.
  • Always do it in the morning.
  • Start at your feet and stroke towards your chest.
  • Focus on the more stagnant areas.

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