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Baby Musical Projection Crib Mobile

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Do babies ever sleep? Well, yes! But often with a little help.

Congratulations on having your baby! I am guessing you are a new mom or dad. Whatever the case, you are probably wondering if your new bundle of joy was sent by the universe to punish you for your sins. Far from it!

Babies are different. Some fall asleep easily; most do not.

Don’t know what to do?

You have probably sung your lungs out trying to find the perfect lullaby so I will not suggest that. You have probably called your doctor so many times already; we do not want to do any more of that.

The solution is only a couple of bucks away

What if there was a product that could take all your bedtime woes away? What if you could finally enjoy a full night’s sleep after so many weeks of agony? What if your little one did not have to struggle so much at night?

Baby Musical Projection Crib Mobile

If you think that babies cannot be impressed, think twice! Your baby may not be able to thank you for buying the Baby Musical Projection Crib Mobile, but his/her sleeping patterns will!

The Baby Musical Projection Crib Mobile is the solution to all your night-time problems.

Here is why you must buy one:

  • Four different projections

Just like you, your baby likes to be entertained. This unique crib has four impressive predictions that you can switch up to your liking. There is a red one, a purple one, a 2-color one and one with two co lours flashing alternately. These colors project to the ceiling through the music box. The story scenario gets more interesting for the baby as he/she grows older. All you need to do is project the show to the ceiling and let it soothe the baby to sleep.

  • Remote control

The Baby Musical Projection Crib Mobile comes with a remote control for your convenience. Once the baby is asleep, you can switch it off from a distance. It would be pointless to lull the baby to sleep only for the sound of your footsteps to wake the baby, wouldn’t it?

  • Rotation

The device also has a 360° rotation feature which is very mesmerizing for babies to look at. As the device rotates, the baby becomes fixated on it and is slowly soothed to sleep.

  • Musical box

This unique device includes a music box which contains five nature sounds, six songs, and 150 baby-friendly melodies. You cannot run out of musical options for your baby with this device.

  • Night light

Babies may not be fans of the darkness, but they certainly do not fancy bright light when they are sleeping. The device has a soft light that gives the baby comfort and safety while also allowing you to find your way around the room. In other words, you do not need to switch on the lights when the baby is asleep.

  • Sleep mode timer

This device is all about convenience for the baby as well as the parent. Just as it is remote-controlled, the Baby Musical Projection Crib Mobile comes with a timer that allows you to time the music box. Once the timer is set, the music box will automatically turn off after 20, 40, or 60 minutes according to your preference. How efficient is that?

  • Removable toy rattles

The hanging toy rattles are detachable so that the baby can play with them when he/she is not sleeping. Besides, they make excellent teethers. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

  • Just the right size

The mobile device works perfectly in cribs that have a square strip of 1.8 inches at most. It is also perfect for baby strollers.

  • Portable music box

Since the music box is the most mesmerizing part of this device, the makers thought to make it detachable so that you can carry it with you wherever you go with the baby. The music box comes with a Velcro strap so that you can attach it to car seats, bassinets, baby strollers, and infant carriers.

How important is The Baby Musical Projection Crib Mobile to your health?

You and your baby need to sleep enough. Your baby’s development depends on it while your health and ability to accomplish tasks depends on it!


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