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The kid that hates sport

Posted by Helen Keene on

There seems to be a growing trend of more and more kids  playing organized sports from an early age.  Everywhere you turn there is a League trying to sign up your child . We know that Sports are wonderful for strength and confidence building, and we want that for our children , so we go ahead with the program and happily volunteer during the matches and enjoy  watching our kids do well .

But what happens if our child hates sports after a few tries preferring to sit at home  rather than going to a practice .                                           

Before getting frustrated we must check out the reason.  Maybe the coach was putting too much pressure  or being impatient ,even having favorite players in the team while  ignoring your young one. Could be the other kids bullied him when he tried to do well  and failed. That is why its so important to keep track of what is going on all the time and having an adult watching your kid at the practices. It’s amazing how some parents think that  after school practices are a babysitting service where they drop off the kids and pick them up later !!         

Be smart and don”t push the issue. Respect the child”s decision and encourage him to go to his siblings games or ask him to throw a few balls with them for fun . Maybe even joining with him another fun program like exploring walking trails  or going to the gym, even dance class. . Giving options of other activities is a good way to expose children to other Sports that they might like better and be willing to try.  So don”t give up.

Every child has his moment of glory and yours might surprise you .  Like my father always said  ‘ To each his own ‘.

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